Dorset Crooks’ Pay-Back to Society

Cheap house alarms are being offered to people in Dorset using a fund made up of assets seized from convicted criminals.

The Association of Dorset Watches, which was formerly known as Neighbourhood Watch, hopes the alarms will help to reduce the growing number of domestic burglaries.

John Shave, chairman of the Association of Dorset Watches, successfully applied for £15,000 from the Proceeds of Crime Fund- a fund made up of the ill-gotten gains of convicted criminals. The money will be used to subsidise alarms, which can be bought from as little as £18.

“One particularly interesting case was of a hard-of-hearing lady for whom the installer had also put a light in her bedroom set to flash if the alarm were to be triggered,” said Mr Shave.

The scheme has had the thumbs up so far, so much so that the offer of discounted alarms has been extended to the rest of the county and will be available until the end of June.

The alarms can be ordered from the website of the Association of Dorset Watches or by phone on 07870 455065.